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How To Do Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

How To Do Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

Are you wondering how to make the most of your lovely brown eyes? In this video, professional make-up artist Gia Mills demonstrates the best makeup techniques and shades to suit brown eyes.

How to do eye makeup for brown eyes. If you have brown eyes, you're very lucky. Brown eyes can pretty much wear any colour.

However, if you are to be really specific about which colours you do wear for brown eyes, here are some rules. If you have hazel eyes , champagne colours and mauves and apricots as your highlights can work particularly well. If you have medium brown eyes, greens, coppers, heather colours, mauve colours can be really, really outstanding.

If you've got light brown eyes, don't wear too much brown. Do line the eyes, but don't put too much brown around the eyes. But my model today here has beautiful dark brown eyes.

If you have dark brown eyes, really look for some of the flecks inside the eye and try and highlight those colours. But essentially, dark brown eyes can carry off really most shades, but let me show you a good example of how to do eye makeup for dark brown eyes. First of all, I'm applying a base to the eye.

As I'll be applying shadow, coloured eye shadow, I want to make sure I've created a really good base in which to blend the shadow into the eye. Next, pick the colour. I'm using a very, very deep mauve, almost a dark blue on the eye.

And you'll see when I'm finished, how it really does bring out the colour of the brown. Start off by just feathering it along the lash line. Bring it up slightly more at the side.

Next, using the same colour, just use the same blue very gently along the bottom lashes. Depending on the shape of your eye, you might want to take the line all the way into the inner corner, or just take it to the edge. I'm just going to keep this blue to the edge and just smudge it along the eye and then blend it in.

The next step is to use mascara. Brown eyes can very much hold a good black mascara. Much paler, lighter skin tones can use brown.

Equally, this dark brown eyes can use brown as well but black is really, really dramatic. So just starting at the lash, the root of the lash, put on a good coat, lashings of wonderful black mascara. So I've just finished the other eye and as you can see, the colour I've used here on the brown eyes works perfectly.

It's quite a deep blue purple and matches and compares very nicely with the brown eyes and really makes them stand out. So, to recap, with brown eyes, it does depend very much on your complexion all around, but as a rule of thumb, mauves, purples can work particularly well with brown eyes. That's how to do eye makeup for brown eyes.