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How To Do Face Painting: The Princess

How To Do Face Painting: The Princess

Face painting is one of the most fun and popular activities on the children's party circuit today. Here's how to turn a normal kid into a princess, using just a little paint.

Step 1: Paint The Crown

Start with white paint and a #4 brush, and paint the shape of a three-point crown on the forehead. Fill it in with white. Then, pick a color for the crown (it's nice to match the outfit) and paint over the white crown shape.

Step 2: Choose A Jewel

Use white or a contrasting color, and paint a jewel in the middle of the crown. You can use a diamond, teardrop or round shape.

Step 3: Swirl It Up

Add some swirls to the sides. Using whatever color will best suit your design, start at the bottom of the crown near the temples, and swirl down the face. Start your brush at a point, then take it flat and back to a point for the best results.

Step 4: Majestic Details

You can stop here and have a simple princess look, or you can add some details. Use white to give the center jewel some shine, then go under it with black to give it a shadow. (Repeat this on any feature that you want to bring out.) Add some circles to decorate the points of the crown. Do more swirls, in contrasting sizes or colors. You can also add lipstick. It's nice to use the same color as the primary color on the crown, and even add glitter. And finally, you paint eyelashes on the eyelids (but have your model keep their eyes closed until the paint is dry!)