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How To Do Face Painting: The Skull

How To Do Face Painting: The Skull

Face painting is one of the most fun and popular activities on the children's party scene today. Here's how to do a creepy skull face.

Step 1: Lay The Groundwork

Start by applying white all over the face with the sponge. Make sure the sponge is moist, but not runny. You can leave the eyelids unpainted.

Step 2: Hollow It Out

Take a medium brush and black paint, and do the eyes and nose. For the eyes, paint under the eyebrow, go over the eyelid, and underneath the eye. The shape is not a full circle, more of a rounded rectangle.

On the bridge of the nose, paint two elongated teardrop shapes.

After the nose, we'll use a sponge with black paint to shade and hollow out the skull. Shade in the temple, then for the cheeks, have your subject suck in their cheeks, then trace under the bone to make the shape as if the cheek wasn't there. Tap the paint on lightly, then blend.

Step 3: Brush Those Teeth

The teeth will be painted directly on the lips, first with a black outline and a fine brush. Remember to make the upper teeth bigger than the lower ones. Make arches, like bridges.

This is a basic skull, and if you'd like to continue, here are some more options.

Step 4: Gruesome Details

Our next option will be to highlight the teeth. You take the upper edge of each tooth, and highlight the white with a fine brush.

We'll add some more highlights with white above the eyes, which will make the dark seem darker. If you want to blend the areas you've already done use a damp sponge and just tap it to get the blending you like.

Another option is to do cracks in the bone which is fun to do. Take your brush anywhere and make little lines like cracks.

Finally, to intensify the skull, you can add back in the jawbone with white paint.