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How To Do Facial Waxing

How To Do Facial Waxing

Here, a professional beauty trainer explains how you can remove facial hair from the brows, the upper lip and the edges of the face. In this video, you will see that by measuring around the eyes, you can determine the correct placement of the wax for cleaning up the brows. Other tips you can watch include conditioning the skin prior to waxing as well as afterwards.

Now, we just clip back any stray hairs, so you prevent any hair caught in the wax. So you would actually firstly start with the eyebrows. Before you start, make sure that you take a small spatula, like so, a bit like a coffee stirrer.

Then you would measure the brows, start about the corner of the nose angling towards the inner corners of the eye and going up but not straight to hair but just to a slight angle. That's where the eyebrow should start. Then to measure where the arch is, you just place the spatula, just let the client look straight ahead, just by the outside of the cornea, which is the colored area.

There we are. That will be anywhere from the outer cornea to the outer side of the eye. The arch should be anywhere between those areas.

And, the last bit, where the eyebrow should end, put the spatula at the corner of the nose and the corner of the eye, and that's where the eyebrow should end. That could make your eyebrows longer, in fact, it's very good if your eyebrows are longer, it just frames the eyes a little bit more. If they're shorter, again, not a problem, sometimes, eyebrows don't actually grow out that far, so, not a problem, not to worry.

Then you would actually start doing the waxing procedure. So, firstly, you would actually clean up the middle section. So, you just dip the spatula into the wax and just pick up a just small amount of wax, like so.

Firstly, you would actually begin just cleaning up the middle section, just in between the eyebrow area, there we are. You'd actually apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth and remove the wax against the direction. Now, you'll take your spatula, you'll pick up the wax.

Now, make sure you wipe the underside of the spatula, you only need a very small amount of wax so when you actually place the spatula like so, the wax won't actually drip away. Then you just place the wax, just in the middle in the direction of the hair growth. Then you just use the small strip like so, which you can actually cut out, and then, just place it in the middle section.

And then, you would just hold the skin just in front, flat, where you are actually going to pull off, to hold the strip. Stretch and then, remove. When you've actually done that, you clean the underside of the eyebrows, starting from just the inner corner there.

You actually stretch the skin above, just the eyebrow, just to raise it a little bit, but make sure that you don't distort the shape. So, just apply it in. You can either do it in two sections, which is section one and then section two.

Or you can just do it in three sections, there's section one, section one, section two, and there's section three. Then if you want, you can just clean up just the outside there. Then you would do the top side in either two sections, or again, three sections.

There's section one, section two and then there's section three. When that's done, then you would wax the other eyebrow, and then you would finish off by placing the after wax lotion on a piece of cotton pad and just wipe away, just try to smooth and soothe the area. To do the lip wax, you would start off in the area, the outer corner of the lip area.

Then, you would do the next section, which is around there. Then you would do the middle section, then this outside section, just there where the spatula is, and then, just the corners of the mouth there. You make sure you watch each section, to get slight, place their tongue.

It's underneath the lip area like so. To do the outer corners, just place the tongue there, and just follow on, just follow the lip area, then each area that you would want to erase. To do the sides of the face, place a little bit of pre-wax lotion onto the area.

Just place the pre-wax lotion onto some cotton pads and just wipe smooth. Once you wipe the area over, just dry it. Okay, just turn, your face is white.

There'll still be needing a smaller spatula, place the wax in the direction