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How To Do Fairy Face Painting

How To Do Fairy Face Painting

Face painting is one creative activity that you can add to a party. This fairy face paint is just one example.

Hello, my name's Kat Sinclair. I'm a professional face painter, I've been painting for 8 years, and I'm going to show some tips, tricks and techniques to do your own face painting at home. I'm going to show you how to do a fairy face paint.

We start off with double loading the sponge in purple and pink. So, I'm going to use a light purple and a shiny pink, but not too much. So, you can see it's double loaded there.

Now, we'll use that over the eyes. Just close your eyes for me. Squeeze the sponge to get right into the corner and make a bit of a shape above the eye as well, and then blending down on the pink with the cheek, we want a nice even blend between the pink and the purple there, and then, the same on the other side, starting with the corner of the eye and coming up and then blending down into the pink in the cheek.

And then, what I'm going to do is put flowers around it. So, I'm going to be double loading the brush in white and red. Load up the white and then dip the brush into the red, and just turn your head again.

Then, you do some flowers over the outside of the face and the same on the other side. Clean out your brush and double load again two different colors of green side by side, and then just draw some leaves all around the flowers. In a smaller brush, just add some pollen in the middle of each of the flowers and add some smaller flowers.

And then, get another brush and load that one with white just so we've got some small dots and a few swirls just by turning out with the tip of the brush, pressing down, blending between the brush up. Again, going to brush down and getting the brush up and the same on the other side and then, we'll just give our fairy some lipstick. So, I've got some shiny red paint here, I'm just going to paint the lips, and that's how to do a fairy face paint. .