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How To Do Fancy Hair Styles

How To Do Fancy Hair Styles

A fancy outfit needs a fancy hairstyle to go with it. Professional hair stylist Hollie Kiernan shows you how to do a stunning half updo that's perfect for formal occasions or a Friday night out with the girls.

You Will Need

  • sectioning clips
  • comb
  • kirby grips
  • hairspray


Part the hair loosely at the centre, following your natural parting. Section off the hair ear to ear, midway down the crown, so that around half of the hair below and in front is left down. Split this top section into three pieces and backcomb these to add more volume to the crown. Roll the bottom section of the top part into a half moon shape and pin it in place. Wrap the rest of the top section over this shape and pin each piece in place.

Take two small sections of hair from the lower half, each just behind the ear and make a plait from each. Wrap these over the top of the head and secure with pins and a spritz of hairspray.