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How To Do Fancy Napkin Folding

How To Do Fancy Napkin Folding

This VideoJug video, "Luigi's Art of Napkin Folding" teaches the viewer how to complete, unique and elegant napkin folding designs. Just follow these easy and simple steps, and in no time, you'll be an expert at the art of napkin folding!

Hi, my name is Luigi and I am the maestro on the art of napkin folding.What we are doing today is a demonstration on the napkin which comes from my book, "Luigi's Language of Napkin Folding". Okay what we are doing now is something called the Princess.

This is not a design that you can do for a very large party, but it looks so charming that I had to include it in this video. So we take a napkin and we just fold it in half. Now, we have got here two halves, so each one of these we fold it in three, as you can see the concertina.

So that you can see it better, we turn this on your side and the came before this section into three. This is one of the folds that you can do ahead of time, that you really could do with some ironing, but only this section, not the others. Having done this, we take this and fold it into three.

One into three. So we have got a mesh mit bite, so we take this section, we fold it again in half and then the other section in half. Now we have got here, one two three, one two three, as you can see and they need to make a kind of bitty triangle.

What we are going to do now is make the fan. You take this section in here and you fold it into a triangle. Turn it over, and this one again, turn it over and this one again.

Having done all this, turn it over this way, get a knife, just hold it like that. Dont press it with your hands because you require the fan, then you do the other side again. You remove the knife and this is called Princess.

You could if you wanted to, put a ribbon around here and make a little something, or you just put a little flower there. .