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How To Do Finger Waving

How To Do Finger Waving

The finger wave is a very stylish look. It's a very high fashion and yet easy look to get. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating the finger wave at home.

Okay, so I've started off by making Leo's hair really, really wet. I've kept a towel around as well because it's going to drip a little bit, so it's going to drip down onto the towel rather than onto a gown or clothes. I've applied evenly, all over, some TechniArt thick, smooth gel, which is going to set this in place.

The first thing, I'm going to do is comb all the hair forward into the first direction we want the first finger wave to go and start combing it in the opposite way so you start to create a bit of a wave in the hair. The gel's just going to hold it into place. Now, we're just going to hold it and start combing it back the other way so we get that S-bend going in to make sure it doesn't move, so if all the hair's nice and straight above that point, then the finger waves stay nice and clean.

Kind of press it into place. Again, we can just pin that little curl or wave to the hair. Wet the hair down as much as possible.

If the hair's really nice and wet, then you're going to be able to mold it into shape a lot easier. As soon as it starts to dry off, it needs to be soaking wet like it's been under the shower head. I'm going to comb all the hair from the back section forward.

You don't want too much going on in the back of your hair. It's going to be quite hard to do it so we're just going to sort of follow that through to just behind the ear, but we're going to comb all the hair back to start with. What we want to do is just leave this to dry completely and then it's up to you whether you want to brush it out gently and keep a soft wave or keep this really strong, kind of, 1920's look.

Once it completely dries, well, then you can just take out all your pins. If you're going to do this at home, then I recommend you do the finger wave in the morning that you're going out and then leave it in all day. I'm just going to give a final coat of hair spray.

Now, it's up to you if you want to leave your hair looking like this which is quite a strong kind of editorial look, quite high fashion. A lot of the catwalks have looks like this. If you want to just slightly flick out some of the, sort of, gelled look with a soft bristle brush, there we have our finger wave look. .