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How To Do Flower Stitch

How To Do Flower Stitch

In this video, we learn how to use embroidery to make the lazy daisy flower pattern. This technique is handmade as opposed to using a sewing machine.

Flower stitch is actually a stitch that you need an attachment for your sewing machine, so we're not going to do that now, but I'm going to show you a really nice way of embroidering flowers by hand. What we're going to use is the lazy daisy stitch which is very much like a train stitch. So, we're coming up at the center of our flower, and we then put it back in and out catching our working thread, and then going back down to anchor that petal.

So that's one petal, and then going back to the center with my flower, catching my working thread, and then going back down to anchor my petal. I'm using all of my six strands of my floss because I want it to be quite a striking flower which has a three dimensional quality. The more threads you use, the more three dimensional quality your embroidery will have.

I'm making my way around the flower. Now, you can leave a little circle in the middle of your flower, and perhaps you'll want to do a French knot at the center which I will show you how to do and my threads are separating a little bit now, but I quite like that effect so I'm not going to worry about it. If you want your flower to be neater, and not have all the threads separating, just be careful that your threads are staying together, and just pull the thread, make sure that it's tight, all of the yarns are tight.

We are almost getting back to the start now. I'm going to decide, I think I need to do about two or three more petals to fill that space in. One more, and then back down to anchor that final petal, and then I'm going to tie a knot.

It's my cheat method of finishing off, making sure that it's nice and close and trimming that. You can, of course, weave that back through the back of the stitches if you don't want to tie a knot. So, there's my petal and I'm now going to do the center using a French knot.

I'm taking a different color floss do a knot in the end and then I'm going to come up in the center of my flower. I'm going to wrap around the needle, insert the needle back into the fabric, pop it through and then slowly pull my yarn through and tug. To finish off, tie another knot in the back to anchor that down and then, I'm going to cut my threads off.

And there you have it, an embroidered flower. .