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How To Do Funeral Sprays

How To Do Funeral Sprays

Funeral sprays are a way to show you care for a family member or even someone you know. Watch this video from VideoJug to learn how to make a funeral spray.

I'm going to show you how to do funeral sprays. We start off with some foliages for the backing, something that's a little sturdy and I'm just going to make a little fan out of the various foliages and then put some flowers in. It's going to be a bit of oval or triangular with the point at the top.

We'll do a simple one. We'll just make one of the middles slightly taller like so. These are Molucella.

They smell lovely. Bells of Ireland is another name so they're good for someone who's Irish. I've got some beautiful garden peonies here.

Clean off the stem to the point where it would go into your hand, to the tie point. Put this lovely bit of Viburnum in the center. It's making a line across there and then I'm going to do a line of peonies down here.

Again, take off any damaged leaves. So foliage that has flowers like this is perfect, two in one, so if you can do this and hold it up rather than do it on a bench, you're doing well. So you grip it not too tightly and also you can see where my hand is, there is no leaves or anything.

That's quite important for when you tie it. I've just folded over some quarter line leaves and they match nicely in with the peonies and that just sort of makes a shape or a bow over the flowers. I'm just going to add some of the peony leaves because they're nice and full and fan-shaped.

You're going to need to keep an eye on these. They might wilt. That's pretty.

Get a bit of tie, this has got wire inside it, paper-covered wire, that's just very easy. Don't let go until you've tied it. Your tie point should be where all the stems cross.

Just cut that off. Now, their length at the bottom should be a third of the overall length. So if it's two-thirds to one-third, that means it will visually balance.

It will probably actually balance as well because I'm quite good at this. Not sure I'm going to test it in front of the camera. Okay, so if that's that long, I'd say a third, you can measure it if you want so you can sort of go, that's there, so about there.

I'm going to do it with my eye and I'd say from the top, a third would be there, but really, the flowers start here so I'm going to make it slightly shorter and it should balance out better. I'm just going to pop a ribbon around there. Any ribbon is okay for a funeral spray.

Also for funerals, the flowers that you're giving, if they're going to the funeral, are simply flowers for the family and not to the deceased unless you're a very close family member and then you're sending it to the deceased. So if you're ever not sure what to put in the card, you're expressing your sympathy to the family. So that should help, you know, with what to put.

You can just attach a card on that. So that is how you do funeral sprays. .