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How To Do Goddess Braids

How To Do Goddess Braids

Goddess braid is a very beautiful way to dress up hair. It is easy and can be done all by oneself after practising for some time. It gives a great look.

I am going to show you how to do Goddess Braids. Okay, so we are just going to divide the hair into three sections. Just using two figures, pull it through and leave the three sections.

Now, making sure you have all the bit of hairs, start by taking the further section and passing it over the middle section. So, this becomes middle section, then taking the outer section, passing it over, so we are passing the outer sections over the middle sections. As you do, try to aim in the direction of the careen.

So, keep putting the outer section over the middle section until you get to the middle of the hair, just like that, and then you can just secure with the bar pin or the hair clip until we need to use it. So, that's the thickness of the braid now but if you like it more dramatic and thicker, you can backcomb the hair before you start to braid it. It would give you a messy but a thicker braid.

So, I am going to do the exact thing that I did on this side on the other side. Once you finish the second braid, what we are going to do now is cross the braids across the careen. So, starting with one, just take it up towards the head and decide where you want to place it, like if you want it back or front, etc.

So, using a bar pin and preferable of the same shade as your hair, pin it at the careen, making sure that you can see as little of the bar pin as visible. Maybe pin it in two or three places, again depending on the thickness of the hair, until it feels secure. Now, on the end bit on top, you want to remove the bar pin, have your curvy ready and just need to take these bits under the opposite braids and then, we are going to do the exact same thing on the other side.

And that's how you do Goddess Braids.