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How To Do Graffiti Wildstyle

How To Do Graffiti Wildstyle

G from the Graffiti Kings of London will show you how to create your own Wild Style of graffiti with this Videojug exclusive!

Hi there, my name is G from the Graffiti Kings. We're based in London. And we're going to talk you through some tips and tricks that will make you bonafide school graffiti artists in no time at all.

So lets get moving with the can Ok, wild style graffiti, adding that extra bit of funk to your lettering. Lets take an "A" - here is the letter A, using a different color I'm going to add a couple of elements to this, that disguise the letter. Because ultimately, a wild style is just camouflaging the letters, making them just a little bit less obvious.

There you go. Now we are there . Perhaps on the bottom of the A, lets have a nice little swirl going around.

Once again as you can see it doesn't look as much like an A anymore. You can even add- Don't be afraid- arrows coming off letters coming off of the letter-and the middle of the letter, it gives it funk, it gives it style. And that is in a nutshell- how you start producing a wild style.