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How To Do Guy Makeup

How To Do Guy Makeup

Find out how to make your makeup look invisible with makeup artist Ava Belle and model Matt Craig. Men also do makeup to look good and handsome but unlike women, the makeup of men are light and not bright and heavy. Nice little touch makes a great difference to the looks of a gentleman.

I am going to show you how to do no-makeup look for men. This can be used for editorial or TV presenter. We are going to start by applying just a moisturiser just to the skin nice and prepare the skin for makeup.

You don't need much, just a little bit. I am going to put some balm onto the lips so that they are nice and soft. We can take this off later so that they don't look too shiny.

It is a thing to do in the beginning of the makeup so that you can sit while doing the makeup and then take it off. A great product to use for men is Face & Body by Mac. It is very sheer and lightweight, has tiny little bit of coverage but it is going to keep the skin looking nice and natural, and not looking too made out.

Most important thing to remember while doing men's makeup is that you don't want to make them look wearing any makeup, you just want them to look a little flawless. So, it is more of a corrective makeup than making any changes. So, using a brush and making sure that you blend it right away, really good product that goes right into the skin, can't see any traces of foundations, so looks quite a little bit of flawless and illuminated skin, nice and healthy glow, nice and even, not too even, you don't want to look like you are wearing mask.

Now, I am going to go in and stir a little bit of concealing anywhere, there is the redness around the nose or under the eyes, any darkness, just to make it nice and flawless. This is more, everything to blend away and be completely undetectable, so just tiny little bit of product. Look at me, I am going right under the eyes.

This has a hint of orange in it, which do not add any purple, a creative colour. Pad it out and blend it away. Now, I am going to do a little bit of sculpting and shading on the cheekbones and on the jawline.

I am going to keep it quite natural today, but if you want to do high fashion look, you can really punch the shading by doing it quite dark. Using a very dark colour but just blending away, this is going to come under the cheekbone and always starting the outside working in, you want a thick part of the shedding to be on the outside. This one is really subtle and can really blend it out.

Okay, now, I am going to lightly power through to shake off any extra shine. This is just a translucent powder so it's clear and has no colour in it. Just a tiny little bit.

The other area you may want to powder is top of the eyelids. Close your eyes for me, just to make sure there is no greasing, tiny little bit, and blend it away, just going to set so that won't get those greasy lines. Okay, I am moving to the eyebrows.

You don't want them to look groomed, don't want them to look too perfect, still one of the natural, just a bit of gloss on the eyebrows so you can brush through a little bit of eyebrow gel or hair gel, a little bit of hair spray to keep them in place, not to have any unruly brows and taking off any excess lip balm that we put before, you don't want your lips to look too shiny and glossy, so they are lushes and soft. And that is how we complete our men's make up for today. Just paying close attention, everything is splendid and really undetectable, little bit of powder through the centre of the face and there you go, all done.