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How To Do Hair Styles For Medium Hair

How To Do Hair Styles For Medium Hair

You need a proper guide to tell you and perhaps show you what looks good if you have medium length hair. This is one lovely hairstyle you can do.

I'm going to show you how to do hair up on medium-length hair. First of all, I've prepped the hair by curling the hair with straightening irons and curling tongs all the way through the hair, a mixture of curls and waves to give it a more natural affect. If you like to know more how to create the curls and waves, please see the other videos in this series.

Okay, first of all, after you've curled and set the hair, you need to section hair to separate sections which I'll show you how to do now. You need a tail comb, the one with the long point on the end like that. We need to section hair from here to here.

We're going to take a section, about an inch, an inch and half down from the line you've divided the hair up from, all the way across, okay, and we're going to section that up and leave that out of the way. Next, you're going to take the section about three inches across, so the parting would have been in the middle. So you've now got these two sections either side of the hair.

Now, what you need to do is to take this section that you've separated, keep it nice and clean. Just pull through very gently with your hand. Actually, I'm going to pull out the curl that you've created, just very gently pulling little bits of hair just with your hand and you may have to use a little bit of hairspray and a very soft bristle brush.

It's important that it's a very soft brush like this. And that just takes away any of the little hairs. You take this section, about an inch past the middle and keeping it flat to the hair and one cross another carefully making sure that you're clipping the hair just on the underneath as well as all the hair on the top.

If the hair is very thick, you may need to use more than two pins just to make it very secure. So just to repeat what you've done on that side with the other side leaping over, about an inch over from the center, pin with two or three pins if you need to. Okay, now what we're going to do is take this section of hair here, probably want to split that into half, so you can see there.

Put this hair to the side at the moment; don't want to clip it out of the way. Now, what we're going to do here, just very, very gently, little bit of back combing. And back combing, start from the top and work down, all the way down, just very gently, down and just brush very, very gently.

Don't want to brush all of the back combing out, just very, very gently, just smoothing over the top so you're not getting rid of all that back combing on the underneath. You'll only want to be doing a little bit of back combing, just to give it a little bit of body, just on the top and the crown. Again, take this section here, follow the same pattern.

Now, take them with two fingers, it doesn't matter which side you go from, I'm just going to pinch together like so and again make sure you've got all the hair in and tight to the scalp and up and you'd want to use at least two pins with this hair. I don't want to overcrowd it with too many pins but depending on how thick the hair is, you want it to feel quite secure that it's not going to move. And then with these last two sections here, you're just basically going to repeat the process of what you've just done.

This again, is probably just even slightly less back combing - we're going to go with a slightly raised section from the front to the back just to kind of give that nice angle lift height with the jewel coming up like that to give it a lovely profile. Again, we're going to repeat that what we did on the other side. This is the last section of hair, split that into two, same repeat the process again, just gently back comb half way up right to the bottom.

That's it. Not too much now because we're getting towards the front, we don't want it to have too much height on this front section here, just to give that a nice raised profile, pin. I'm always putting the pins up when you hold it with your two fingers