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How To Do Half Up Hair

How To Do Half Up Hair

This effortless half-up hairstyle from a bridal hair expert is great for any occasion. Learn how you can recreate it with only a few pins and some hair serum.

So, what we're going to do - this is really quite a nice easy style for you to do. Take a section, just with your finger, or a tail comb or the end of a brush. That shows you just about how thick that section is, about as wide as your hand.

Then split that into two or three depending on how thick the hair is. I'll take this into three. Pull the hair through.

You may want use just a slight little bit of serum, or in this case, it's just a little bit of very light balm. Rub it all the way through your hand so there are not any lumps or anything on the hand so it rubs right in. Pull that through.

This is just to stop any sort of little fly-away hairs. Now, all we're doing is taking this to the back of the head, loosely pulled back, and we're going to use clips or pins that are the same color as the color of hair that you're doing. We are going to hide those pins but it is still best to do that.

Now, you want to use two pins here, just to make sure, and what you do is cross those over so it's really gripped in. You're going to do the same with this. Split that in half.

If you need to get a bit more product on your hand, go ahead and do so, but again, make sure it's really, really, really rubbed in. Pull that through, it just gives the hair a bit of shine. Again, pull that back quite loosely.

Now, you can either leave that front section down, this is probably a little bit too long to leave down, but we're going to pull this back is well. This one, you want to pull back even looser than the last two, pinning that section over that side. We're going to repeat the same process on the other side.

And now I've done the other section, the other side done exactly the same on the other side, and what you do is just drag those slightly further over than the pins that you've already put in. Now, you could leave it like that. The pins are the same color as the hair.

But, you know, it would be nicer if you just sort of covered that up. So, a real nice easy way, a nice easy tip to do, is to take one of the curls that's come back, or if it's straight hair, you know, take the end of the hair, and you're going to loop that over to hide where any pins are. And now, when you're putting the pins in, it's a little bit more like you want to hide them.

So, for example, there, pin that down and behind and just do the same with any loose ends that you may have. It's quite nice to leave some loose ends out if you'd like, but just to hide some of these pins that are on display, just pin it over itself and put one more in there. It's just a bit more interesting at the back, rather than just sort of leaving any sort of pins, and it's quite easy to do.

Just loop it over itself, pin it under like so. And there you have hair half up. Finish with a little bit of hair spray just to smooth that down. .