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How To Do Halle Berry's Hairstyles

How To Do Halle Berry's Hairstyles

With the help of this instructional video, a professional hairstylist goes step-by-step, showing you how to create Halle Berry's hairstyle with your own hair, easily.

Today, I'm going to do Halle Berry's hair style. What I'd suggest is that when you start doing this, use some sort of mousse or a firm holding. I'm using a volumizing mousse.

Reason being is that when we're blow-drying the hair, we just want to give the hair a bit of hold. Just run it through your hands pretty evenly, just run it through your fingers. I'm going to be mostly concentrating on the middles and ends.

When doing this yourself, what I'd suggest is that you hold the brush into the hair. Just lodge it in for a couple of seconds, hold it back up, and keep your hand rotating while doing so. Now, I'm going to blow-dry.

So just holding it in, and then pulling out, that's the first section done. So I'm going to do the next section and pull it all the way up to the crown, using the same technique for it. I would suggest that this would take you about ten minutes.

You can do it in five, but that takes a bit of practice. I'm going to go all the way to the crown, moving in sections. Now, I'm just going to show you how to do it with a straightening iron on the last section.

What I would suggest here is to pop in a bit of a heat protection spray. This one is a heat shield. You may find this a little bit easier than with the brush.

The reason I use the brush is that it looks a bit more natural than with the iron. When you do so, you'll understand. So with the irons, you just put the hair in like that.

Now, when it's all sitting like so, what I'd suggest you to do is grab the hair dryer. Just flip in underneath to give it a little extra flip out. If you just go in with a comb after, just widely sweep it.

And what I would do now is you can just spray in some hair spray just to hold it. There you go, that's how to do Halle Berry's hairstyle. .