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How To Do Halloween Eye Makeup

How To Do Halloween Eye Makeup

Wondering the best way to apply fun Halloween make-up? This VideoJug film shows you how to paint a spider web, complete with spider on your face in only a few minutes.

Right, today, I'm going to show you how to do some Halloween eye make-up. I'm going to incorporate a bit of a spider's web in it as well. I'm painting Carla.

Start in the corner of the eye. Blend it up and out, and again on the other side, do the same kind of thing. This is the darker green, and then I'll use the lighter green.

It's also metallic, it's also called bronze, but it is more like a sort of a Verdi Green color perhaps, but it does blend rather nicely with it. So, I'll blend that in with the other green. The two together are rather beautiful.

I'm going to use a little bit of black, not very much. Again, I've got two blacks. One is quite highly pigmented, and the other one less so.

So I've got a bit of black, and I've just dipped it in the green as well, so it's not just black, but it's going to be a green black. I go into the corner. This is where I want it to be darker.

Fine a line as you can, so it is as much of the tip of the brush or a very fine brush, whichever you find easier to use, and finishing off the line to make it very, very thin, I'm going to do an eye line, keep your eyes closed Carla until that's dry. And then as most of the paint is now off the brush, now is a good time to do the connecting webs. So incredibly lightly, very, very thinly if you can, do the connecting webs.

It doesn't matter if they don't actually reach the other side, like that one didn't. That adds a kind of light and dark depth to it. Just as I said, just connecting webs like that.

And I just want to put some highlights on this, so I'm going to go along the top of some of the webs, not all of them. This is a gold, it's a glitter gel. And glitter advantages, it dries quite quickly, but always test a little bit on the back of your hand.

Make sure it's flowing freely and always make sure you clear the nozzles after, well, after every day's usage, really. So, this is quite a bright gold. Now, I'm going to highlight the spider, so he stands out a bit and then, just highlight a few of the webs.

That's about it really, so there we are. That's how to do Halloween make-up, spidery style, complete with a spider.