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How To Do Hem Stitch

How To Do Hem Stitch

Hem stitching is easy if you know how to do it. This video provides you with all the necessary information and techniques to do it yourself.

Hi, my name is Aliza from Seam So Easy, www.seamsoeasy.com.

I have been sewing for 15 years and today I am going to show you some techniques. So, that is your hem. Put your knot under.

You cut one thread where you want your hem to be just one. I have done it with a black thread so you can see and then a couple of threads on this side. Then I get one thread here, and a couple of threads.

The hardest part of this is you must have the right matching colored thread so that that one thread you are holding at the bottom is not visible. When you are at the end, it generally tends to disappear. Let's look what it looks like at the top.

So, there is one which I have obviously got more than one but those two, I have got just one thread each. The minute you cut two threads, it will be seen at the top. It's quite, but it looks difficult but it's not, just a little bit of practice and patience.

Look at your hem. See, if that was a white thread, you wouldn't see this. So just finish it off, double threads, a knot in there.

I will knot it twice to make sure it doesn't come out. And there is your hem stitch. .