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How To Do Henna Designs For Beginners

How To Do Henna Designs For Beginners

Henna designs look beautiful against the skin. Don't know how to make one? This film, brought to you by VideoJug, shows you exactly how to create easy but lovely henna designs for beginners.

Hi, my names Reena. I'm from nailcreations.com.

This is Priyanka and Karishma. Today, we're going to show you how to create henna designs. Hi, today we'd like to show you how to create mehndi for beginners.

We're going to start out with two parallel lines, and then we're going to combine semi-circles all the way down the left hand side lane. It's very important to just keep in mind and bear in mind the consistency of the henna coming out of the paste. Best thing to do is just practice on friends and family.

When you're a beginner, the more you practice, the more you'll get the hang of the consistency of how much the paste comes out and how quickly it comes out of the cone. It's all about experimenting, it's really and totally up to you what patterns and stars that you do, but try to work with mastering one, and then going on to the second pattern as opposed to learning loads more, and then not being good at any of them. When it comes to using parallel lines like this, try and work at a consistency rate and not too slow because then you will get jagged edges.

You can practice on yourself by making the cones up with a dark colour as opposed to the colour being stained. You can repeat your designs again and again, and if it's not right, you can remove it and start all over again. Keeping your designs small and intricate, so it doesn't get confusing of what you've created.

That's how you create simple henna designs. .