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How To Do Leopard Makeup

How To Do Leopard Makeup

Simple easy face painting techniques. Professional face painter, Juliet Eve, shows us an easy way to do snow leopard face paint. It's the cat's meow!

Today, I'm going to show you how to do leopard makeup. I think I'll do a snow leopard today, to make it a bit different. So, what we're going to do is put a base down.

I'm going to use a metallic white and add some silver in to give it a bit of a hint. Sometimes, a little bit of gold, sometimes, they have a bit of a brown tinge to their coat as well. I'm going to shade a little bit with some grey.

Then when I add the spots, I'll do a kind of two-tone a bit like the rosettes we sometimes see in Gatsby cats. I will use quite a strong pigmented black this time. So, I'll start with her nose.

When you're doing a leopard or a cat, bring it around the nostrils shape as it were and forward rather than a dog which would be right the way across the top. Do this in as few a strokes as you possibly can, then it's not quite as tickly. Now that the brush has been flattened, I've now got a sharp edge.

So, I'll go straight down the center line, as thin as you can, and make an A shape under there. Sometimes, I bring this line around as well to join it. Get that nice and tidy.

And then, when I do the spots on a snow leopard, I actually use my good pot brush. It's a #6. It's a round brush with a lovely point.

Now, normally if I were doing dots, I would use a brush that hasn't got a good point so I can make nice round dots. But on a snow leopard, the dots, the markings, are much more of a random shape. That's why I like to use this.

I work quite fast, big shapes, little shapes. If you have got young children, at this central part of the design, just get a dry tissue and lay it over the eye. Just touch down and lift off, and then it's dry in an instant.

Right, now we just add some whiskers and the teeth - make those fangs stand out. I'm going to use a strong white. I've got several whites.

I've got a lot that are best for putting bases on and this white is very strongly pigmented which is best for line work. And then whiskers, try and plant them. Sometimes, it's worth getting into some realism.

So, I'm trying to plant these whiskers roughly where they come from. So, nice curved lines if you can. This is a glitter gel.

It comes with a little nozzle. You can draw with it and also make whiskers. So, again, planted where they should be.

It really highlights them. You don't have to follow the same lines you've done already. And this is how to do leopard makeup. .