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How To Do Lion Face Painting

How To Do Lion Face Painting

Get out your brushes and paint. Learn how to paint a lion face by watching this video done by professional face painter Kat Sinclair!

Hello, my name is Kat Sinclair. I am a professional face painter. I have been painting for eight years; I am going to show tips, tricks and techniques to doing your own face painting at home.

I am going to show you how to do a lion face paint, so we are going to start off with white for the muzzle, I have already loaded the sponge. And we start off here with white. Make sure the paint is nice and even, not too wet and not too dry.

I am going to do some white around the eyes. Just close your eyes for me. And then I am going to load another sponge with yellow and brown.

So, we will start off with this yellow, it is a nice sandy yellow for lions and then this brown over here. That gives us two colors on a sponge and then we will start with the brown on the nose and then sponging up to towards the forehead. Till you have a nice sandy colored forehead there, and you will just work your way around the face so you have a nice sandy color on the outside with the brown towards the center of the face.

Then we should be making sure that there is a nice even color, not too wet and not too dry. And push the sponge to get through the eyebrows and then I will need to load another sponge. For the main of the tiger, it goes around the outside and this would be the light brown and a dark orange color so this just goes around the edge.

Don't need to be too careful with that because the tiger's main is just going to be quite messy, anyway. Then we are going to do some details. I've got a couple of different brushes I am going to use.

This one is called a cone brush as you can see, it's got two different banks of hair and it is great for doing hairy affects on the face. Then I am also going to use my pin brush as well. I start off doing the lion's mouth under the nose and then we are going to make it look like the edge of the mouth comes out right here.

Then color your brush, twist it between your fingers and go up. Then while that is still wet, you use the other bush to drag outwards from there and make it look quite hairy. Then we will do the same on the other side, and outwards with the brush and twisting to come up and then using this brush to flick your wet paint outwards to make it look like hair.

And then we are going to load that brush with a bit of black paint. We will give it a bearded effect around the edge and then for the main, you will just do it that way around the outside and you might want to do a bit on the nose as well. And that is how to do a lion face paint. .