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How To Do Lip Waxing

How To Do Lip Waxing

You have to first clean the area around the lips and then use the wax, dab it on that area, smooth with a wax strip and pull the strip out carefully. More lip waxing tips here.

Hello. Today, I'm going to show you how to do a lip wax. First and foremost, take some cotton pads and just pop on some pre-wax lotion on the pads, just to cleanse the area off any oils and makeup and then make sure the area is dry which we can use the underside of the cotton pads because that will prevent from getting on to the skin, okay.

Once that's done, just get a small spatula like so, they're like a coffee stirrer. Then just ask your client to actually put their tongue to the side, the corner of the mouth. Pop the spatula into the wax pot and just pick up a small amount of wax like so.

It's not too much. So, you can actually sit up, sit the spatula up like this and the wax won't actually drip away. Then, just place the wax in the direction of the hair growth.

So, have a look carefully before you actually place the wax because on the lip area, just like on any other body areas, sometimes, the directions can actually vary. Use a small wax strip like so, you can actually just cut the regular wax strips up in small sections like this, place it on the area, smooth over, stretch the skin, just in front of the flap where you are about to actually pull the wax strip off, stretch and then pull wax strip off parallel to the skin against the direction of the hair. Just smooth away any excess wax.

I'm going to get some more wax. Ask the client to just put your tongue in that section there, place the wax in the direction, you can see in this area, the hair is actually going out to an angle. Place the strip in the area, smooth over firmly.

Stretch and then pull away. Even when you're removing any other bits, still adopt the same procedure, still stretch before you actually pull the strip off. That will prevent the skin from actually ripping.

Alright, can you put your tongue in the middle? Place the wax in the direction of the hair growth, smooth over. Right, although you can't actually remove the strip in the direction of the hair growth because that will just knock the client's nose, so stretch to the side and then just pull it to the nearest angle. Put your tongue just there.

Apply the wax in the direction, going this area, it's growing to an angle, place the strip, smooth over, stretch and then remove. Try and use a fresh piece of strip to remove each section. Just pop your tongue in the corner of your mouth.

Smooth over, stretch, pull away and tweeze away any excess hairs which are not actually any. Just pop some after wax lotion onto a cotton pad and then just smooth over and that will just soothe and calm the skin down. And that's how you wax someone's lips. .