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How To Do Makeup For Oily Skin

How To Do Makeup For Oily Skin

Dealing with oily skin can be frustrating especially when applying make-up. Watch make-up artist, Gia Mills, as she explains exactly how to apply make-up to oily skin.

How to apply make-up for oily skin. First of all, use a good primer. Primer's the key for oily skin.

I'm using one that's a shine-free primer. It will make sure that when you're putting any foundation on, the skin will not shine as much as it would normally. Next, apply your foundation.

The choice of foundation is crucial when it comes to oily skin. I recommend you either use a tinted moisturizer or an oily free foundation. I've put foundation on the entire face and now, it's time to powder.

I'm going to blot on. Powder all down the T zone which tends to be the area which really does shine the most. So, blot it on and push it in.

This will really hold the foundation and stop to much shine. Don't worry. You don't need to do this all day.

Just do this when you first apply your make-up. Of course, you don't want to walk around with a dusty face all day. So, make sure you use a brush just to feather it all away.

Throughout the day, there are two products you can use to keep the shine at bay. First is your classic compact. Have your brush to hand and just top up as and when you need it.

Just top up on your T zone, or any other area that might need it. The final trick is blotting papers. These are cunning little bits of paper which absorb all the oil.

You can get ones with powder on them. They're okay, but they tend to look caked in when you put them on the skin. So, just use these.

Probably best in private, but just dab it on the skin and it will just absorb any excess oil. Take it off. Perfection.

So, just to recap, use a primer that absorbs the oil. Use an oil free or tinted moisturizer. Then put plenty of powder on and then during the day top up with a compact, or with the loose papers.

That's how to do make-up for oily skin. .