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How To Do Mime Makeup

How To Do Mime Makeup

Mime make-up looks extremely cute and nice, especially on kids when they try to do mime. Learn to do mime make-up from Facade Academy (www.facadeacademy.co.uk) professional Juliet before you try it on your kids!

Today, I'm going to show you how to do mime makeup. Right, so we start with the white. Now, when we're doing this kind of makeup, it's in fact a mask, so I try and get a nice hard line around the edge if possible.

Turn you head slightly. Now, I'm going to add a hint, just a hint of a bit of rouge so we have a little bit of pink, so a nice delicate one. You see I've patted it on the back of my hand just to get the right consistency, so little bit there.

With mime, it's meant to be a complete mask with no expression. It's all done in the movement so you want as little expression as possible within the face. So what I want you do is to close your eyes.

Keep them closed while I paint and keep them closed until it's dry, alright. Very important when you're painting children to explain what you're doing, otherwise they just open it before you're ready. So, keep them nicely closed while I'm doing.

Now, a little tip here which I recommend particularly with children, on that eyeliner, it is still wet, so I get a dry tissue and just lay it across the eye and just press, just takes the wetness off and same on the other eye. I've left a gap between the two lines in the outside of the eye there, which is a theatrical trick. If you ever leave two lines and particularly if you actually paint a white line inside those two, it keeps the eye open.

If you close it on the outside, it makes the eye look small on stage but if you leave a line, it actually opens up the eye on stage. So, it's a useful trick. Now, we'll do the other side.

Look up to the ceiling. Just add a tiny bit of glitter onto her cheeks, onto that lip. There we are.

And that's how to do mime makeup. .