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How To Do Mind Reading Magic Trick

How To Do Mind Reading Magic Trick

Here is a demonstration of a magic trick about reading people's minds using a deck of cards. The key to the trick is very simple. Just follow the magician's instructions.

It's impossible to actually read peoples' minds but I'm going to show you a way to pretend to do it just using this deck of cards. Kari, as I pull the cards off the deck like this, I want you to say stop at any point. Stop.

Stop. Okay, this card here. Look at that card.

Remember the card. I'll show the camera as well. Now, obviously, there's no way I can know what that card is but I'm going to try to read your mind to find out the card.

I think it was the 6 of hearts. Did I get it? Yes. This is called the Hindu Card Force.

What I do is I have a card on the bottom of the deck and that's the card we're going to use, so the 10 of clubs in this case. My thumb is on top and my fingers are below, holding the cards by the long side. What I'm doing is pulling cards from the top of the deck and not from the bottom, so it looks like the cards are getting shuffled but really, that card is staying on the bottom of the deck.

So, when Kari says stop, I just show the card she stopped me at, which is that original card from the bottom of the deck, so I just show her so I can't see. It's the card we're going to force, the 10 of clubs. And then, I just close up the deck and then, I just pretend to read her mind and tell her that her card was the 10 of clubs.

So, there's an easy trick that allows you to apparently read people's minds.