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How To Do Monster Makeup

How To Do Monster Makeup

Juliet takes you through some great techniques in face painting. The monster look is perfect for any little boy looking to be a bit scarey.|painting, face painting, painting the face, children's face painting, monster look, monster face painting, how to face paint, how to face paint a monster

Today, I'm going to show you how to make a monster. So, how to do some monster make-up on, Shane, here. So, we're going to start with the light.

Now, the light colors are always where the bits that stick out basically, so. Which is why you can create on a monster because don't forget monsters can be anything you like. Not 1 monster is every the same as another one, but you know that.

Keep very, very still. Well done. That's great.

So, on the sticking out bits like the cheeks, the nose, and the chin we'll do the light green and then we'll blend in with the dark green. And keep your head up slightly. Well done.

Dark green under there. So, now I'm going to add a bit more depth into the eye, under the eye. So, I'm going to mix in some lake I think.

Which is not a normal you would do if you want beauty, but if you want to make it look a bit fierce so I've got a bit of lake on the sponge, as well. Again, just gently close your eyes, very softly into the corners. Makes them even darker.

That's a good boy. Maybe a little bit more just there and there. There we go.

Right. So, that's the main base. Now, what I'm going to do is add, I'm going to use my secret weapon.

It's a sponge which gots lots of holes in it. This is a way of creating some texture on the skin. Just dropping it on like that.

Just gives a bit of texture. And maybe pot marks on the, on this monster. So, that's all it needs.

You could do it another color. You could add it with a bit of white or something. It would just give it, just a bit different.

That's the idea anyway. So, there's that bit of monster. Now, I'm going to get my black brush with the black that's got the high pigment because you want some good lines well defined lines.

Alright, Shane. Now we're going to do the monster lines. The essential monster lines.

So, first of all, can you frown like that. Can you do that? No, you can't. Anyway if you could you'd have a line around about here.

Okay. I have a few more here. When he wrinkles up his nose.

So, that's the essential shape with the black. And now I go in and having built all those steps. So, it's important sort of step-by-step with monsters.

Very definitely. So, it's the frown line, the lifting of the eye brows, creases on the nose, the eye bags, and the smile lines and then some fangs. So, if you can get all those pointers in doesn't matter quite what shape they are, but that's the essentials.

And then we move on and I use the highlights. Now, Shane, would like to have a look in the mirror? You won't be scared will you? Promise. What do you think? Is that scarey? No.

You're not scared. He's not scared.