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How To Do Mother Of The Bride Hairstyles

How To Do Mother Of The Bride Hairstyles

The mother of the bride also needs to look special on her daughter's big day! This how-to guide will show you how to create a lovely hairstyle for the bride's mother.

How to style mother-of-the-bride hair. Now, most mothers of the bride have some sort of hat or a fastener in, so therefore, on the day, you're going to want to get quite a little bit of volume and body out of the hair first. So, take the hair from wet and I'm going to blow dry the hair first.

So, what I'm going to use is some mousse to get quite a bit of body. It's quite a strong-hold mousse, one of the styles that lasts the whole day and into the evening without going flat. So, take your mousse onto your hand, a lot of soap, and then just with a comb, just gently comb it through the hair.

This way, you can put it evenly through the hair without one big blob going on the middle or on the top and none going around the sides and the back. You want to evenly spread it through the hair. The hair must be really wet all the way through before you start putting the mousse on.

If the hair slightly dries first before you put the mousse on, it can get a bit sticky and a bit crunchy, and you may need to start again. So, always make sure the hair is freshly washed and wet all the way through. Great! So, now, the mousse is all evenly distributed through the hair.

We're going to blow dry the hair. What we're going to do first is rough dry the hair by lifting the hair out from the roots, up from the roots, blow drying the root area as much as we can and really lifting that out like so. This is to give the strong foundations to get the most amount of body that we can get.

Okay? So, now, what we're going to do to really just give it that extra bit of firm hold is to use some Velcro rollers to give it that extra bit of body and height. Use these two sizes. So, what I'm going to do is start taking some sections, and we're not going to put the rollers all through the hair, it's just the areas that we really want to concentrate on having a bit of body, which is certainly around the crown and around this front area here.

We're going to be putting a fastener in the hair afterwards or a hat. It's going to need to have quite a bit of body and stability through the top. Don't want the hair going flat at all throughout the day.

So I'm just going to go ahead and put some Velcro rollers in here. So, just gently section because you don't want to flatten the blow drying that you've just done. Now, these sections don't have to be really, really precise because these are just to give you that extra little bit of body.

So, you take in a section the size of a roller to begin with on the crown. Just comb the hair through. Now, we're just going to place the roller, the loose bits, just put down to the side, and make sure that's quite nice and tight.

Okay, so we're putting three rollers here on the crown, in this crown area here, in the brickwork pattern, so one and then two either side. That way, you want to mix that up a little bit. The rollers are slightly different sizes, not too much, but just a little bit.

Again, that makes it all just a bit more natural. Velcro rollers are great because they do most of the hard work for you. They grip the hair and you just turn and they sit in perfectly like so.

Okay, so now, we've scattered some rollers through our blow dried hair, just to give it that extra little bit of volume and extra bit of hold, and what we'll do now that we've put those in, just a light bit of hairspray just over the top, just quite far away so the hairspray sprays in the air and just gently falls down. If you hold the hairspray too close to the rollers, they'll end up going really crunchy and you'll have to brush them out and they won't look very nice. So, just really, really gently, a bit of hairspray, evenly all over the rollers, and that will do.

And you just leave those now for about 20 minutes to half an hour, if you can, and then we should take them all out. We're now going to take the rollers out. It's a very simple way to do.

Again, how you put them in, just two fingers and just gently pul