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How To Do Ombre Lips With Binky

How To Do Ombre Lips With Binky

Ombre lips are the big trend for the spring/summer season. In this episode of Binky's Boutique reality TV star Binky Felstead shows you how to get the iconic look.

Products Used

  • Stila - Stay All Day Foundation And Concealer
  • Clarins - Rouge Eclat In Passion Red
  • Clarins - Rouge Eclat In Petal Pink
  • Bare Minerals - Pretty Amazing Lip Colour In Ambition

Step 1: Blank Out the Lips

Blank out the lips by using a concealer. Apply the concealer using your finger, applying however much is needed to completely cover your lips.

Step 2: Blot a Bright Red Lipstick Onto The Inner Lip

Take a deep red lipstick and with a lip brush, blot the product on the inner part of the bottom and upper lip.

Step 3: Blot A Pretty Pink Lipstick Onto The Outer Lip

Apply a pretty pink lipstick to the outer part of the bottom and top lips, blotting the product using a lip brush. Instead of applying the lipstick colour directly to the lips you could blend the pink lipstick with a concealer to get an even lighter shade.

Step 4: Blend And Perfect

Remember to be very careful not to rub your lips together as this will spoil the ombre effect. Keep blending and touching up the colours you have already applied to get a perfect petal lip; you want to create a gradual change of colour from lighter on the outside to a bright intense colour on the inner lip. If you want to enhance the colours you can add more products like the really high impact, high shine lip colour by Bare Minerials.