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How To Do Pirate Makeup

How To Do Pirate Makeup

Kids just love to do a lot of face painting. Boys especially like to do famous personality make-up and also pirate make-up. This tutorial by Facade Academy (www.facadeacademy.co.uk) will show you how.

Today, what we're going to do, this is how to do pirate makeup. And I've got young Ben here who wants to be a pirate and go to sea. Okay, so we'll start with our dirty face.

Give you a grubby face, bit of brown, bit of pink stuff, sort of mix it all up, really. I tend to just sort of put it randomly, not evenly like you would as if you were just doing a foundation or something, we just put it randomly. And then, we'll put the band so I want some red.

So I'll sweep it across like that, so just to edge it slightly, and then, where I did that twist with the sponge, I kind of turn it into a bit of knot so I just twist that around a little bit, put the tails. Just turn your head a bit, Ben. That's perfect, great.

That's where it's been knotted. Few little creases just to add a bit of authenticity and here we are. And then, we better have the patch.

Now, with young children, what I tend to do is get a sponge and use my less highly pigmented black and with a sponge, sponge on a rough shape of a patch around the eye. And now, we'll put a bit of a moustache on him. Give an impressive one, shall we? Make him look a bit important.

Been in lots of battles, you see, lots of fights. So, a nice curly moustache, here we go. We get our stipple sponge.

This is kind of a little sponge. They come in black. This actually is fish tank filter.

It works brilliantly for bits. So, we dip that in the black and just stipple it on to make stubble. So, this is the chap who hasn't done much shaving.

Close your mouth again. Well then, Ben, it's fantastic. Find a bit of space, a bit of spare skin, let's have it across here, shall we? We have it just under the patch.

There we are. And then add a little few stitches on to it. Here we go.

So it's fairly fresh, it's still a bit red. That way, a little bit, Ben. Good boy.

Just where we've tied the knot, we'll just put some highlights on that. Oh, there he is! He's a pirate! That's how to do a pirate makeup. .