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How To Do Playboy Makeup

How To Do Playboy Makeup

Watch as Amanda Bell takes you on an amazing transformation trip. Turn yourself playboy bunny hot in no time flat with this easy tutorial.

Hi my name is Amanda bell I'm a professional makeup artist and I also teach at the session school which is where we are also filming today. I'm here to give you some top tips and tricks doing some amazing videos and I hope you enjoy them. So this is where I show you how to do the quintessential play boy bunny look.

It's a look that is very powerful, very polished and very LA. So it's just absolutely gorgeous. With this look, I'm going to work backwards a little bit because I'm actually going to start with the lips.

So using a very neutral lip pencil I'm going to very, very gently go slightly beyond the natural contour of the lip. So I'm going to make the lips look bigger. Fill the lips in a tiny big with your natural lip pencil so that you have a really even base to work with.

Then we are using a very illuminating colour because it's got shimmer particles, its almost like a candy frost pink lip gloss which will really reflect the light and make the lips look very lush and plump. Moving on to the cheeks again we are keeping a kind of rosy tone. So I'm just working a little stain on the apples of the cheeks.

So the apples of the cheeks, the easiest way to find those is to actually trace from the iris directly down and that high point in the cheeks is where you want to be kind of concentrating your colour.

Next we want to take a little bit of bronzer. So the bronzer I'm using has a little bit of a salmon pink as well as bronze so I'll just very, very gently lift the complexion, and obviously because this is quite an LA look it's kind of very sexy and perfect.

so just blending it right in on the highest point of the face which is where the sun would naturally hit you so the forehead, bridge of the nose, highest point of the cheeks and a little bit on the chin. Then I am just going to take a little bit of the bronzer down across the jaw line and onto the neck. So it just gives you this really delicate sun kissed look.

Very, very healthy and glowing.

They eye actually has frame work to it. It's not just a slick of colour across the lid.

There is actually a little more work to it than that. So you're using kind of a mushroom brown. I'm just using that across the lid.

Very, very gently, taking the darkest shade into the contour of the eye which is the crease, for extra definition. So you are creating the shape that you are actually going to put an over lay of shimmer, but you want to get that kind of definition underneath. Then just blend the two together so you have that graduation from light to dark going on.

So taking a gorgeous kind of gold, just placing it over the top. So this is your overlay of metallic sheen, and you can see how this is really starting to come together. Just to add a little bit of extra drama, I'm going to colour clash some liner.

So I've chosen kind of a platinum colour. I'm going to use it just on the very inner corners of the eye, to really open the eyes up. I'm going to take the really intense Smokey black pencil, and take it into the water line.

I'm pulling it very close to the lash line. Taking a cotton bud and blending it down a little bit, smoking it out. Then taking black pencil and just beyond the lower rim so that you get this really sexy definition.

As a highlighter I'm going to use very soft opalescent pink. I'm just going to use that underneath the eyebrow so that it really reflects the light and looks kind of glistened. Just along the cheek line, and because it is an opalescent pink it kind of just blends right into the skin, but gives you this sexy lustre.

I'm going to take that very gently across the lid.

We are not going to use fake lashes because it's already got a lot of drama going on so we don't want to take it over the top. So we are just going to use three coats of regular mascara.

So curling the lashes and going in or a real kind of full lash effect. One of the things, when you're not using fake lashes, but you