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How To Do Press Ups

How To Do Press Ups

Press ups are a great way to improve upper body strength and a cost-free exercise that can be done anywhere. Here are our top tips to make sure you are doing them properly.

Step 1: Find somewhere comfortable

Make sure you're in a comfortable environment before you start. If you're in a gym make sure you aren't obstructing anyone and that the floor is flat and level.

Step 2: Start position

Lie on your stomach with your hands, palms flat underneath your shoulders. Fully extend your fingers. Put your feet together with your toes bent underneath. Keep your legs straight.

Step 3: Action

Straighten your arms and push your body up. Remember to keep your back and legs straight. When you reach the top pause for a second and then lower yourself back towards the floor until your chest is 2 inches from the floor and your elbows are at 90 degrees.

Step 4: Amount

Never exceed your comfort zone. If you are starting out try doing a set of 10 press ups and as you begin to get more confident increase the amount of repetitions by 5 each time. Remember to the a few minutes between each set if you want to do more than one set.

Step 5: Tips

To make sure you are keeping your back straight you can imagine that you are attached to a plank of wood and this needs to stay glued to your back. Exhale as you push upwards. If you want to work your triceps more you can move you hands closer together. To concentrate more on your chest muscles try moving your hands further apart.