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How To Do Pull Ups

How To Do Pull Ups

Pull Ups are a great way to gain a stronger, more defined back, but lots of people avoid them because they're so difficult. If you're brave enough to try, you'll see fantastic results in no time. Here's how.

Step 1: Position

Stand under the pull up bar making sure there is enough room above it that you're not going to bang your head. The position of your hands determines which area of the back you are concentrating on. A wider grip will work your lateral muscles where as a narrower grip will work the middle of your back.

Step 2: Grip

Pull Ups are performed using a pronated grips. Place your hands over the top of the bar with your thumbs pointing away from you and towards each other. Make sure your grip is tight so you don't slip mid pull up.

Step 3: Action

Now hang from the bar. Straighten your arms. Do not rock or sway just hang. Relax and don't arch your back. Now pull your chest up towards the bar. Beginners should just raise their chin over the bar but if your are more advanced try and pull up further so your chest touches the bar. Keep your legs together and pause at the top of the pull up for a few seconds before lowering yourself back down to the hanging position.

Step 4: Amount

You can repeat the action for between 5 to 10 repetitions. The more confident you get you can try performing more reps, but don't push yourself past your comfort zone. Try breaking up the sets of repetitions with a good couple of minutes rest.

Step 5: Tips

If you find pull ups too difficult, many gyms will have a pull up assist machine you could use. Failing that you can try putting a chair under you as you do the exercise. Keep one foot on the floor and one on the chair. Straighten the leg on the chair as you pull up. Try using as little help as possible when doing it this way for the best results.