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How To Do Redwork Embroidery

How To Do Redwork Embroidery

Follow these simple instructions to create vibrant, dramatic embroidery work. You can create your own beautiful needlework in red floss.

I'm now going to tell you how to do redwork embroidery. Redwork embroidery is essentially using red floss on a white background to go over an outline design which gives very striking results. It's all done with a backstitch.

So, I have my outline. Now, because this is quite dark, I need to make sure I cover that completely with my stitching so I'm going to choose three strands of floss to embroider with so that my stitches are quite thick. Okay.

I'm also going to make my fabric quite tight on my ring and then coming up a stitch length away and going back in. I'm using the stop method here rather than hand sewing as it tends to give much neater, more accurate results. I want to get it right on the line.

There we go. Once you've finished your redwork embroidery, you can put it in the wash and some of the transfer design will come away. If you don't have a transfer design, you've actually done a design yourself, you can always take a pencil, hold your fabric over your design against a window, and trace it on with a pencil.

A normal pencil will wash out as well. So, you will then continue all the way around the design and, to finish off, you weave your yarn back through your stitches like that. Now, the key thing with redwork embroidery is if your white fabric is quite thin, you'll be able to see everything on the back so you do need to weave your yarn and ends back through your stitches.

If it's quite thick like the one I'm using, you could get away with a little knot. If you are going to finish off with a knot, you want your knot to sit right against your fabric so you tie your knots like so. See the thread? Now, I pull my needle down to the fabric through the knot and tie it in a knot around the needle. .