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How To Do Ribbon Embroidery

How To Do Ribbon Embroidery

Ribbon embroidery is as simple as a silk ribbon used for a hand embroidery. But is the stitching also simple? You might want to learn this needlework.

I'm now going to show you some basics about ribbon embroidery. Ribbon embroidery is essentially like hand embroidery so you can apply some of the stitches to ribbon embroidery. Obviously, you're working with a flat piece so anything that's going to twist the ribbon too much won't work.

But the simpler embroidery stitches like a running straight stitch works and I'm going to show you a special silk ribbon and embroidery stitch that's actually called ribbon stitch. I'm going to start with just a simple stitch which is like a straight stitch. So, I'm going to come up into my fabric and I'm going to embroider a flower so I'm just going to go down and you've got to think about the twisting so if you want it to twist, you can but if you want it just to be flat, make sure that you don't twist your ribbon as you're stitching it and then I'm going to come back up and go back down to these.

I'm sewing my petals, my flower. Another thing you need to take into consideration is the fabric the fabric that you're sewing on. As you can see, I have to pull quite hard to get through this cotton as it's quite tightly woven.

If you were using a fabric that was more loosely woven, then you'd find it easier to pull your ribbon through. So you might want to do this on something like a knitted fabric on a jumper or cardigan. But it's twisting a little bit there.

If I want to untwist it, I can just untwist it from underneath and then pull it through back a little bit and that's stopped it from twisting. I'm going to do my final petal and there we go. So, I've created a little flower very easily by just using a little straight stitch.

And to finish off, I can just either tuck it back through, pack up the petals if I want to, or you can tie a knot. Now, one thing to think about with ribbon is you don't want it to get too bulky so you may find that tying a knot is better than feeding it through. It depends on what you're doing.

The other stitch I'm going to show you is just a slight variation on this last one. So, you're going to come up through your fabric and then you're going to put your needle into the centre of your ribbon and then stitch through that. And then, when you get to this point, just gently tug.

Now, if you pull too hard, that will disappear. So I'm going to do that now so you can see it's gone. The effect is gone.

So, you mustn't pull too hard. So, I'll show you again, back into the middle of my ribbon, like so, and I want that three-dimensional quality so I'm not going to pull any tighter. Now, this could be also for a flower or it could be for a leaf and there you go.

So, it's a nice three-dimensional quality that you can't get with embroidery floss but you can with the ribbon. There are lots of other ribbon stitches but that's the introduction to ribbon stitching and you can do lots of floral pretty things with just those two stitches. .