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How To Do Rollerblade Tricks

How To Do Rollerblade Tricks

Doing tricks on rollerblades can be very challenging. In this video, Stuart Thomas shows you how he does some spectacular moves on his skates.

Hi, I'm Stuart Thomas. I'm here at Roller City, and I'm going to teach you how to roller-skate. There are many types of tricks you can do on rollerblades - whether it be on ramps, bars, grand rails, or just in the rink.

A few you can do, I like little jumps. We can go in and out of cones. We can also do lots of fancy footwork, almost like the dance skating.

I'll show you a few little moves. It's important when you're jumping over jumps to kick your legs to one side. If you kick them forward or up into your chest, you could wind yourself.

So when you're jumping, you'll want to kick your legs to one side, like so. When you're going in and out of cones, always keep an eye on where the second cone is. Then you can add your own touch to how you want to go.

Either on all four wheels, or if you're really good you can do it on your heels or on your toes. When you're practicing doing jumps, it's always good to start small and then work up slowly. If you want to start even smaller than that, sometimes it's best to just get something very small that you can practice just stepping over.

Once you get the transfer of taking one foot off and back onto the floor, you'll find that your balance will improve. Once you get your balance improved, you'll find that you've got to take both off together and then, perfect. When you land, it's always best to bend your knees.

Bend into the jumps. That way, you don't land stiff and hurt yourself. Keep your shoulders up and land.

Once you get better you can then progress to higher jumps, and you'll need to kick your feet to one side. Same again, bending your knees as you land. Use this to spin around on skates.

As you've got blades, it's a lot easier using just the two wheels. So, why don't we just slip the heel and the toe wheel? So, what you can do is spin around with your toe on the outside and your heel on the inside. Push yourself off.

Use your shoulders to move yourself around and spin. It's best to do just one circle first and then progress into two circles. Keep yourself upright.

Try not to be overbalanced. Also, once you do that, you can do other things like a barrel roll. With blades, you will remember they're in straight lines.

So what you have to do is curve yourself in and out, following the foot behind it. Pick a spot in the middle and work around it. The more confident you get, the more you're going to do it quicker and faster.

And that's how you do tricks on rollerblades. .