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How To Do Self Acupressure

How To Do Self Acupressure

Acupressure is a great way of stimulating many systems of the body. But did you know you can do self-acupressure? Find out the techniques in this video.

Acupressure can be used for self-treatment and also day-to-day maintenance. They are a very useful part to people's day to day regime. As acupressure is a vast area, it can be very useful to get the series of points you can work with to stimulate yourself as any good practitioner can give you a prescription that you can do for yourself.

So, I'll give you a brief demonstration of a basic protocol that most people do for general wellbeing. A good way to start the day is to work with the acupressure points that are just on the edge of the eyebrows just next to the nose. So, you want to just pinch the skin around the eyes and let go.

This will help bring more acuity to your eyes. This will help any kind of sluggishness and a very good way to wake up in the morning and we could combine that with working on the back of the neck now. So, again, we can work with just working with pinching at the back of the neck and letting it go.

If you know you have particularly tight muscles, you can use other techniques. So, we can work with a percussive technique that we can just work very lightly into the occiput and down the back and sides of the neck. You can also use this technique for working on the sternum as well which is very good for opening the chest which is good for opening the breath in the morning.

Another nice way to start the day is by opening the chest and getting a good lung fill and the role of the sternum is very often where it could tighten the chest, so working just on the sternum and you can bring that across the top of the chest, maybe create a bit of tension just on the area of the thora muscles, a very good opening point for the lungs as well, and on both sides. Now, to give the digestion a good kick start, I'm going to work with just a technique called mofa which is circular techniques and you want to work on a clockwise direction. You want to go up from the right-hand side of the body across the left and down.

Very good for aiding digestion in the morning. And just finish off with working the fingers, so chofa, so as you come down. Acupressure and Chinese massage are diagnostic systems themselves, so bear in mind that you can have a prescription for almost anything you can use in conjunction with all the other therapies and this is something you could do for yourself.

And that's a nice way to do a self-acupressure in the morning. .