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How To Do Simple Hairstyles

How To Do Simple Hairstyles

Love to try out a fancy new hairstyle but too busy or lazy for it? Well, we have an answer. This Videojug film teaches you how to have a great hair up do that's simple, quick and pretty. So, go ahead, dress up and pamper the fashionista in you.

So, we're going to do a really simple and quick hairstyle using just a hair band. What we need to do is brush the hair and then take a section from the top of the head to the top of the ear, on both sides, and then push them out of the way and put the rest into a ponytail. So, this is really easy for you to do yourself at home.

So, secure your ponytail with your hair band, nice and tight, and then just pull it away from the hair slightly, like that, and roll up your ponytail and push it in there, push in the hair band over the top. Secure that really easily with a hair clip in there. This is nice and secure now, so you're just using these grips to kind of make it look pretty and get it looking how you want it to look.

Now, we're going to make one to the front and it's kind of nice just to turn this one there, twist it into the hair, and then take your two fingers and just really gently, comb that out, just to create a little bit of texture and then I'm going to do the same to the other side. So, I'm going to twist it and then just take two fingers and pull out the sides, holding on to the ends, keeping it secure. I'm just giving it that nice, kind of messy, tousled wave and then securing the sides.

There we go. And that's how we do a super simple hair up do.