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How To Do Skeleton Face Painting

How To Do Skeleton Face Painting

A face-painting of a skeleton can be difficult to do without some tips or tricks. Some of the knowledge needed to make such a face-painting include tips about techniques to use, some pointers about what kind of colors to use, and a little information about what brushes to use. Learn tips on how to make a skeleton face-painting from a professional face-painter with years of experience in this easy-to-follow 5-minute video.

Hello, my name is Kat Sinclair. I am a professional face painter. I have been painting for eight years.

I am going to show you some tips, tricks, and techniques for doing your own face painting at home. I am going to show you how to do a skeleton face painting. I am going to be using cake white, which is slightly different than the normal white because it shows the skin slightly through it.

So it doesn't give so much of a tan effect. First of all, I am going to mix up the cake white. You have to be very careful this cake paint, not to get it wet, except what you are going to put on your sponge, because once it gets soggy, it is ruined and you cannot use it again.

So mix up the paint until the cake is actually dry. And then you can start doing the face. The cake white is slightly different than the normal white because you can paint on top of it very easily.

It doesn't pick up the white paint underneath when you use another color. Get right into the corner of the eyes by squeezing the sponge. Also the cake white dries up to a nice white powdery finish.

Have the subject look upwards so you can get right under the eyes. That's the white base. Now you need to get a slightly thick brush and the black paint.

Keep hold of your white sponge. Start off doing the eye socket. Go through the eyebrow to give it a bit of a spooky look.

While that is still wet, blend that down with the eyelid. Do the same thing on the other side. We need to do the cheek bones.

To base the curve of the cheek bone, come around there then underneath it, and then flick it a bit upwards there. Again, blending in with the base of your sponge so you don't get too harsh a line. Don't forget to do the hole in the middle of the nose.

Of course, don't forget to do your teeth. You have already got some black on your sponge from doing the blending, so you can just use the black to create the blackness of the mouth there. And then you'll need to have a brush shaped like this; it's sort of got a rounded flat end.

So with that, you'll just load that up with the ordinary white. Use the shape of the brush to make the teeth. Use its side for the canines.

Use the flat side for the teeth in the back. And just to finish off, you can add a few details wherever you like. Just some cracks coming in from the base of the skull.

You can add all sorts of things onto it like beetles and blood, or whatever you feel like. And that's how to do a skeleton face paint. .