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How To Do Soccer Tricks Step By Step

How To Do Soccer Tricks Step By Step

This video is a short clip that will teach you some soccer moves that are sure to impress your friends. It can be used anywhere and is fairly simple to learn. Try it out today!

Practicing to do soccer tricks adds to your balance and ball control and who knows, you might get the opportunity in a match situation to do something surprising. I am going to show you a little sequence of ball control related moves. Step 1: Drag the ball back and lift it up with your other foot.

Step 2: Control the ball, make a bowl shape with your foot and try to catch it, bend your knees and try to follow the speed of the ball. Step 3: Lift the ball straight up into the air and hold it. Step 4: When the ball catches the ground, run over it and try to kick it over your head with your heel.

Let's see the whole sequence in one go. .