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How To Do Spiral Curls

How To Do Spiral Curls

How To Do Spiral Curls: Creating spiral curls in your hair at home can be difficult with out knowing the exact method to use. This video shows you exactly how its done and guides you through the process with ease.

Hi. I'm Edward Hayes. I'm a hairstylist at Andrew Jose hair salon in London.

This is how to do spiral curls. So I'm Just going to show you. Again smaller brush for a tighter curl.

Just run the brush through the hair first of all, just to get a feel for the hair and the brush, just to make sure it's de-tangled. Generally I would say use a comb first, which I did do previous to running the brush through. Now this one's a bit more tactical.

With this one you need to be a bit more, the more and more you do anything the better you become at doing it. So the more time you spend blow drying your hair the more confident you will feel, you become at doing it. So still the same method where you focus on the roots, you're still trying to get the hair quite smooth.

When you're doing this part what you have to do is keep half of the hair in the brush, twist the hair round, hold at the root, pull on the brush but twisting it at the same time. Okay, so you're pulling the rest of the excess of the hair out of the brush and you're twisting. So that's a different type of curl, a bit more spiraled.

So as you're coming towards the end, bend the ends in, hold the brush, twist it around. Now you can actually hold the heat on the first bit as you bend. Let it cool down.

Again, now I would suggest for you to hold, after about five seconds because otherwise you will burn your fingers, and just pull. The more you become confident at doing this, you can just start to pull down the hair like so. But just for the time being when you start doing it, just hold on and pull.

Then just hold the heat on. There you go.