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How To Do Stem Stitch

How To Do Stem Stitch

This video demonstrates how to do a stem stitch. The stem stitch is a type of stitch traditionally used as a filler stitch when embroidering flowers, however, due to its beauty, is suitable for edging stitch as well.

Hi, my name is Aliza from Seam So Easy, www.seamsoseasy.com.

I have been sewing for fifteen years and today I am going to show you some techniques. Today, I am going to show you how to do a stem stitch. You would use this stitch traditionally for stems and hem embroidery flowers, you would use it as a filler stitch, but you could also use it as an edging stitch, because it is quite pretty.

Come up to where you want your stitch to be, keeping it to the left. The idea behind the stitch is to move from left to right. That gives the stitch a weaving pattern which is what you want, you can notice when you pull it through.

Go down to where you want your stitch to be, come up to where the last of your stitch was, pull through. Your thread then just crosses over. This creates sort of quite a nice running pattern.

You can do the stitches large or as small as you would like it to be. Keep the thread that you are pulling through on the left, then come up on the right, the right side of your thread. Just pull it through.

That's your stem stitch. It looks very pretty if you did it in a variegated thread, which is a double colored thread so like a red and white thread or whatever. It looks lovely then.

To finish off, turn it under, through the stitch, come up through the thread and make a little knot. And that's the stem stitch. .