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How To Do Temps Leve

How To Do Temps Leve

In this VideoJug film, professional dance teacher, Melanie Kay from City Academy, London, shows you how to perform a temps leve in three different positions. Melanie demonstrates the perfect technique for performing the temps leve starting from arabesque, pirouette and attitude devant positions.

Okay, so today, I'm going to show you a temps leve. The temps leve is an elevated step and it can be lots of different positions, leg positions, arm positions. Your basic temps leve is to step and you're going to hop.

So, you step and hop and land on the same foot that you took off from. Your general temps leve that you might learn first of all is with the foot at the back of the leg, in maybe a pirouette position at the back here. So, you step hop and step hop and that would be two temps leves.

We can also do your temps leve in an arabesque position and commonly, you'll see it in third arabesque. So, with this being third arabesque here, you're going to step and temps leve and then to the other side, step and temps leve. You can also do a temps leve with the leg in attitude devant which you'll see here and that's with the arms in third position and the leg is in the low bent attitude position.

So, it's just turned out and with the toes pointing downwards and with the leg turned out. And the most important thing about your temps leves is that you stretch the underneath foot, when we see that foot pointing underneath. So, to recap those that we did, it's step temps leve within pirouette, step temps leve in third arabesque, and we did step temps leve in attitude devant.

And that's how to do a temps leve. .