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How To Do The Arabesque In Ballet Dancing

How To Do The Arabesque In Ballet Dancing

Ballet dance is a slow dance with a lot of movements. You have to make sure your back is not arching and is straight while you do certain movements.

Hello. I'm Zoe from South London Dance Studios in Hernehill and my students are going to demonstrate some ballet movements. We're going to show you how to do the Arabesque in ballet dancing.

So we start of learning the position of the arms for first Arabesque. So we're going to take our arms on au font first and we're going to start of by reaching both of the arms parallel towards the top of your head, keep a rounded feeling and extend the fingers. Make sure you're holding your course so your back is not arching.

Keep reaching around the line and you're going to take your left arm down on to your tutu on to your side. And keep lifting your chin and keep the line growing. Good and open and down.

So that's the arms. Now let's face the side and add the lifted leg to that. So we take the arms again on our font, straight to first Arabesque this time.

Reach your chin along the line, degage your foot to the back, keeping both the legs straight, making sure your back leg is rotated and there's no weight on it and close. Now let's try the Arabesque lifting the leg into the air. So take the arms on au font and first Arabesque will be arms, degage the legs derriere, keep it straight, keep both thighs pulled up and lift, stretch the legs and to degage and close.

Let's try that one more time, this time from the sashay. So pique, sashay on au font, transfer to attitude, pull the thighs up and lift, straight legs, straight underneath leg jorja and degage, close. If you want to find out more information about our ballet classes or our other dance classes, tap, modern and street jazz, please visit our website.