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How To Do The Bicycle Crunch

How To Do The Bicycle Crunch

Lying on back, feet in air, knees bent Extend one leg out and pull opposite leg in towards body Twist torso so that opposite elbow goes towards opposite knee Twist to the opposite side doing same thing Lower back stays on floor, slow and controlled movements www.fastfitnessvideos.com

Step 1: Abs Workout

Now we're going to do a bicycle crunch which is a work out for your abs, especially your obliques which is the side part of your abs.

Step 2: The Exercise

So you're going to start back on the ground. Hands behind your head, feet in the air. You're going to be twisting side to side, so opposite elbow to opposite knee. Back and forth. Slow and controlled movements. Keep breathing. Keep those abs activated the whole time. Almost there. And relax. Good job.