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How To Do The Graffiti Letter D

How To Do The Graffiti Letter D

So you can spray A, B, and C in graffiti, but what about that tricky letter D? Enhance your skills and learn how to paint like the pros in this VideoJug tutorial.

Hello, this is Julian from Graffiti Kings in London, and today we're going to show you the letter D. All right, let's go. D is similar to O.

D is also similar to B. It's one of those letters you can't really go crazy with it, but just give it enough, you want it to still have the curves at the bottom. You don't want it to be too fluid so it can get mistaken for another letter.

Same thing again. I'll start it. The main difference when I'm doing my Os and my Ds is that this side is your straight side.

Keep it straight, keep it so it is the vertical, but this side can have the flow on it. It's not going to turn into an O, it's not going to get disguised, and it's not going to have too much craziness on it so people think it is a B or a D. So I'm going to keep it bold, just a little bit of flair on the letters, but just keep it nice and easy.

And obviously the D, a lot of times has a little flick. You've got your ball shape and then it flicks around to make it even more obvious that it's not supposed to be symmetrical. The D has license to go that way, so let's keep it a little bit more.

Obviously, you've got this kick that comes out a little bit. This one has got more freedom to come out that way. Because you've always got this big expanse of letter here, a lot of times I would use that.

If I'm opening up another letter, I would cut into this curve right here whatever letter you're going to put next to it. In the meantime, just give it its space, give it its own props, might as well keep the hole in the letter quite simple as well, so it's easy to read. I might just put another little thing, just to show you that obviously this is just curved around, and it might just connect.

There's a little dent taken out there. And basically, there's my letter D. Same thing.

I might just put a little customary separating line, just something to draw a little. So you might have this big space here, just break it up, with just some lines cutting across the letters. But in essence, there's the D.

There you go. The letter D. .