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How To Do The Graffiti Letter L

How To Do The Graffiti Letter L

A step by step video on how to draw the letter "L" with the art form of graffiti. This video gives you the exact instructions, one line at a time.

Hello, this is Julian from Graffiti Kings in London, and today we are going to show you to do the letter L. Alright, let's get started on the L. Uppercase L.

You got your long line coming down, same thing I'm going to keep it old school looking, kind of retro, New York looking, because that's what I love. We don't want to confuse the letter with a "u" or a "v" and we don't want to confuse it with an "I". So we definitely want the uppercase "L" so you have got one line coming down, some kind of link at the bottom, and then a section here that we can apply a little bit of style in on.

So we will keep it, so it does have the little sarrafs at the top. Top line, little hooky sarraf claw and then depending on how you finish it, you could go so many different ways. It could go around it, it could come around here, so it stops and then goes across, it could just come straight down and be just more squared off at the bottom.

I'm just going to do it the way I would normally go which is go curved line, so it goes outwards, same thing again. Give it a little stop here, a little spring board, then take it back. So we've got our letter formed, we've got our curved lines, a cross over bridge and then our kind of signature little sarraf base on the end.

Mix in the curved line, then you have your straight edges. Same thing. Again, we want the letter to be visible because we could easily make this letter into like a "w" or a "u" but we don't want to confuse you by putting in to much detail in this middle section area, so I keep that simple.

Obviously, whatever letters go on either side will help whatever the word may be, you kind of got some indication as to what the "L" is. Keep this bit quite short so it acts as just a little, basically it's a hook coming off your vertical, so as long as people read it as "L", you don't need to confuse them anymore. Same thing, just as a sketch, there's my letter L. .