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How To Do The Graffiti Letter O

How To Do The Graffiti Letter O

This VideoJug video shows you how to do a basic graffiti O and gives tips for how to add your own personal graffiti style while still maintaining the essence of the O.

Hello, this is Julian from the Graffiti Kings, and today I'm going to show you the letter O. Alright, let's get started with the O. Learning the letter O yet again is one of those letters just like the I.

It kind of could be anything. A lot of times, what I would do is do big letters then surround the O. The O might be the sun; the O might be a globe; the O might be a big face, you know, because it's just there, it's just, it could be a donut; it could be anything.

Because I don't want it to just be a donut, I will put a little bit, you know, a little bit of shape on it. So, similar to, like, what might look like a D just what I'm giving it, as far as another graffiti artist might look at the letter and go, 'Just by the way he's done that side there, it's definitely an O. It's not a D.

' So, you know, you follow certain basic principles. It still has the hole in the middle, but doesn't look like a D. That's the main thing.

So, just, you know, I guess rather than just doing a donut, because I could just stand there and do a character, but, no, no, let's keep it simple. It's an O. Right, let's get started.

See, I just put, like, these little top bits on there, you know, just so that it kind of goes with the style I would normally use anyway. This, this could be anything. This could have little flicks on it.

But, you, what you, what you don't want to do is obviously by putting a flick on that side or emphasizing this side in any way, then it becomes a D. So it's just being careful to keep it so it does have a more symmetrical shape than the D. But, still, you know, if your lettering style has a certain style to it with the tops of the letters, kind of keep it consistent.

And, obviously I'll want to keep it rounded. And I want it to be all edgy and stuff. I need - I like it.

It's got that kind of, you know, because if all my letters finish with kind of, you know, straight corners and outlines, just keep one letter that is definitely an O. It needs to have the O's respect. And I guess without having to over complicate it, there's me, O.

I mean, you know, if sometimes you might need - want to just put like a little line in there, just a little separator or something like that. But just, that's just, yes, that's just add-ons, that's just a little, little star element. But, keep it simple.

There's the O. .