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How To Do The Harlem Shake

How To Do The Harlem Shake

You've seen the video, now learn what it's all about. The Harlem shake is the latest dance craze to hit the internet and is sure to be the next Gangnam!

Hello there.

You may have heard about this craze going around the internet called ‘The Harlem Shake’. But what is it all about, and how do you do it?! Well wonder know more my friends, as Videojug is here to help.

So how to do it – Step one. You need everyone in the office, classroom, bus stop or supermarket to be going about their business...except for one. Like this guy here.

This one crazy colleague, friend, randomer, who needs to wear a mad hat or costume whilst doing a funky dance move. As such…

The key here is to choose one signature move and ensure you keep to, and continuously repeat it.
Thrusting is particularly popular amongst the ‘Harlem shake’ community.

Step 2 - when the music tells you to ‘do the Harlem shake’, the whole office joins in, all dressed up, going crazy...each with their own signature move.

And it should look a little something like this…

Bring all the ‘Harlem’ you can think of to this scene of organised mayhem. We’re talking costumes, hats, masks, props – anything and everything!

Why not check out our original Harlem shake, but without me popping up!

Now go do the Harlem shake! Good luck.