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How To Do The Hoedown Throwdown

How To Do The Hoedown Throwdown

Hoedown throwdown is the most rejuvenating hip hop dance style for quite some time now. If properly choreographed, it is a dance move for the season! With this six-minute tutorial, Hannah Montana will be one of your best training movies.

In this video, I'm going to show you how to do the hoedown throwdown which is the key dance for Hannah Montana, the movie. Okay, so following the moves to the words in this song, we start with the popping, so you step into the left with your left hand out. Now, to pop, you can either keep your hands still, and tense very quickly, or you can make a motor bike moving action and tense it when it gets to the top.

Try to get your hands there. Try to keep your hands relaxed, then pop it, and then lean to the other side. So, you are lifting your heels off, pushing your elbows out so you lock it, and you sit in that right hip, lock it, and polka dot it, taking two switches of your left hand, step into the left with the heel, and heel, and so I'll show you those feet in the polka dotting, heel on the left, then drag in your rough in, pop in toe, heel on the left, then pop in toe.

So, we have got pop it, lock it, polka dot it, then you are going to put your hands on the hips. For the country-fy, you are going to take your right leg out and your left leg out, that is country-fying and hip hop it, so you're crossing your arms with your right leg, bring everything back and then cross in and bend it more, and that's the hip hop beat. So, you should have pop it, lock it, polka dot it, country-fy and hip hop it.

So, it should be slightly bent. Then the next one, put your hawk , that's the right leg out, straight arms, hop, then hit in the knees and coming back down again, bring your left foot in the sky, now move side to side, you are going to swing left with the left elbow, swing right with the right elbow. So we've got pop it, lock it, polka dot it, country-fy and hip pop it, straight in, put your hawk in the sky, swing side to side.

Now, jump to the left, you are moving your whole body to the right with your left foot out, scooping your left leg in the air, putting it down, placing your right foot out when this is in the air. So, you lift in, popping it down, turn, do the jump at the same time. Jump to the left and stick it, so your right foot comes in, hand comes out and glide when pushing your hand to the front, taking your left foot back, dragging you out unless you glide.

So, we've got pop it, lock it, polka dot it, country-fy it and hip hop it. Put your hawk in the sky, move side to side and jump to the left, stick it, glide, okay. Next move, twist to the front zigzag touch, cross from the zig, open on the zag touch, move across the floor which is similar to your polka dot it, but the other side, your heel and heel and shuffle to the back, you're throwing your arms from your elbows going in left and left and two to the right, right and right, so that last section, so stick it, glide, zigzag touch, move across the floor, shuffle back and then turn to the right, okay.

Next move, when the drums are hit, you're going to hit the drum on top on your left, hit the drum on top on the right, use the opposite leg, so you kick on the right foot, drums, drums, now two steps moving forward, so left, right and your hands go round and hands on your hips, take one step to the back, and forward as well, moving your hands first, step. So, that is a left foot turn and right foot step in on the left. So, you've got stick it, glide, zigzag touch, move across the floor, shuffle back and to the right as well.

When the drums hit, step hands on your hips, arms step to the back and as you she says 180, twist hands in the air, three hops. After the 180 twist, we have to go back into the zigzag touch. Now, when you are there, you pose for like a minute or seconds, you go zigzag touch, same as before, step slide back then she says lean it back, right arm, left arm, right arm and you're leaning it back, three claps, one clap at the bottom, at the top, even higher, then shake it five counts.

So, you're going which means moving your shoulder forward and back with your arms inside and then just funky steps as you turn it round. And t