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How To Do The Hustle

How To Do The Hustle

Hustle is one of the famous popular dances from the Saturday night fever. Here is the simple and easy two minute tutorial on how to hustle.

Hi I am Samantha Jennings and I am directing choreographer of boating & belles and I am going to teach you how to dance.
In this video we are going to learn how to hustle. As from the 1970's you may remember people dancing in the hustling Saturday night fever.

Now I promise you it's simple, it's easy, it's cheesy. You don't have any problems at all. So what we are going to do, we are going to hustle quite simply.

Are you ready?
So feet together, we are going to start off by walking forward with our right foot and walking the three walks forward and tap the left foot to the right foot. Right left right, tap. Now we are going backwards with our left foot tap our right foot.

Left right left and tap, that's marvellous. Now we are going to do a step turn step clap until u see into video to the right and then we are going to repeat on the left.
Let's try that, Ready?
Step turn step clap, step turn step clap.

Now this move made famous by john trevolto, we got one hand on the hip left and we going to point our right finger up to the top corner there. So we are going to do full sets of those. We have got up to the down three four five six seven eight.

Let's try from the beginning up to there, so feet together right left right tap, back two three tap, step turn step clap, step turn step clap, point two three four five six seven eight. The last bit is two counts each, which is the roll of the hands for two, one two, that's great. And then I call a chicken winch.

You got to click your heels together and lift your elbows up. I know if feels a bit strange but its fine. And we are going to do that to the corner, the corner.

So we got roll the chicken wings yeah and then three steps to face your new side because it is a line dance so we going to go back with our right, back with our left, turn to the right and close the feet. Now we are going to put that all together.
And that is how we do the hustle.